Studies and Planning and Monitoring Unit

The Studies, Planning and Monitoring Unit has the following missions

  1. to coordinate general studies on the tourism sector;
  2. Coordinate the development of strategic planning documents;
  3. to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the tourism development policy;
  4. to contribute to the elaboration of budgetary and economic programming documents for the tourism sector;
  5. Support the implementing structures in the development of projects and the operational planning of their activities;
  6. to ensure the collection, analysis of data and publication of statistics on tourism;

The Studies, Planning and Monitoring Unit (SPMU) includes:

  1. the Office of Programming and Information of Tourist Performance;
  2. the Bureau of Surveys, Economic Analysis and Indicator Monitoring.

The Coordinator of the Studies, Planning and Monitoring Unit is appointed by order of the Minister from among government employees in the A hierarchy or equivalent.