The Casamance

The originality of the region is felt not only through its cultural diversity, but also through its extraordinary natural wealth. A green Africa where ocean, river, mangroves, palm groves, rice fields, deep forests and savannahs meet. The region is quickly enchanting, accentuated by the majesty of the cheese trees and baobabs that stand like the ramparts of an authentic civilization and a natural heritage that can be discovered by bike, canoe or kayak.

For those who like responsible travel, Casamance also allows you to discover the local rural way of life while indirectly participating in the development of the villages you visit.

Creeks, sacred woods, lakeside cities, fine sand, coconut trees, …, Casamance is thus soft and green, mysterious and seductive. From Ziguinchor to Cap Skirring (seaside resort), through Kolda and Sédhiou, this welcoming land unveils the charms of its landscapes and its tours.

Casamance remains an essential destination for the tourist who comes to Senegal.