The development of micro-tourism is linked to Axis 2 of the PES, which focuses on a significant improvement in the living conditions of the population, a more sustained fight against social inequalities while preserving the resource base and promoting the emergence of viable territories.

The micro-tourism plan, an innovative model of endogenous tourism development, aims to use tourism as a vector for social and territorial development through the promotion and creation of tourism micro-enterprises. It is articulated around the creation of cultural, recreational, artisanal and sporting activities with local tourist content grafted around the “flight + hotel” offer. Thus, it will allow the development of innovative, sustainable, income-generating activities, the creation of alternative products adapted to the financing of very small enterprises (VSEs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to support employability and to allow the population to benefit from the economic spin-offs of the tourism sector.

In its pilot phase, the project plans to train 750 micro-entrepreneurs who will contribute significantly to generating 17,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2023.

Other flagship projects:

Integrated Tourism Zones Project

Hotel and Tourist Credit

Tourism and Business Development Project