Internal inspection

The Internal Inspection has the following missions:

  1. to ensure, under the authority of the Minister, the application of the presidential and primatorial directives resulting from the reports of the General State Inspectorate and other control bodies;
  2. to assist the Minister in the control of the management of the personnel, the material and the credits of the services of the Ministry, as well as the establishments placed under its supervision;
  3. to carry out investigations on documents and on site, according to an annual program or unannounced and to present, following each mission, an inspection report;
  4. Follow up on the application of the directives resulting from the internal reports;
  5. to follow up on the status of the implementation of the decisions taken by the interdepartmental council;
  6. Supervise the handover of services within the structures of the Ministry and the structures under its supervision.

The Internal Inspection is composed of an Inspector of Administrative and Financial Affairs and one or more Technical Inspector(s). It is coordinated by the Inspector of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Internal inspectors are appointed by decree from among government employees in the A hierarchy or equivalent.